Our Essence

Hello wonderful, thank you for stopping by.
My name is Safiya and I welcome you to my world.
At SACRED my vision is to help inspire and empower women to tap into their true essence.
I have witnessed to often the lack of self worth and love with women in my life. I too was one of them.
"Where there is a women, there is magic"
Its time to change the narrative. Lead with love and tap into our true spirit . To express ourselves freely and support our sisters. I aim to do this by creating pieces with intentions of empowering.
I am also passionate about leaving light foot print on mother nature. 
The fashion industry has a shockingly big impact on mother earth leaving us with too much waste and consumption. There for I endeavour to continue to expand my knowledge, awareness, and share my journey to continue to elevate my vision of love and lighter impact on this earth.
Finding solutions, bringing awareness and creating pieces that are ethically sourced, paid and made using recycled or organic when can. Packaging biodegradable. is our minimum. With each purchase planting a tree.
Collectively, connectivity we can make a change.